Exhilarating singing workers singing contest

Exhilarating singing workers singing contest

Overcoming the stature of a “home-grown” contest, amateur singers selected more than 4,000 employees from 24 member units of the Deo Ca Investment Joint Stock Company brought the items The art is carefully elaborated, quality.
In the afternoon of 1/1/2018, singing contest “Deo Ca” was held in Hanoi. The competition aims to bring the playground workers a good spirit after a year of hard working and made excellent achievements on tunnels Ca, Cu Mong and Hai Van.

To “fire” for the “actors, artists” from the member units, Chairman of the Board, General Director Deo Pass, Ho Minh Hoang said: We have a pretty strong force. Employees look forward to stabilizing their lives, psychologically and they look forward to the joys of sharing.

“Wish everyone to sing their best, to play hard and to do their best not to forget to do their best” – President Ho Minh Hoang, Director General. The desire of Mr. Ho Minh Hoang was rewarded by the workers with the most dramatic pieces of entertainment and the applause rang out non-stop …

Especially, the contest is better when the jury is famous artists, musicians, singers and prestige …

Chủ tịch, Tổng giám đốc Công ty Đèo Cả Hồ Minh Hoàng:

President and CEO of Ho Chi Minh Pass: “Everyone should play hard, work hard …”
Tiết mục Hadameco tiến bước đến từ cán bộ, công nhân viên Hadameco

Item “Hadameco advance” from staff, employees Hadameco


Phiêu cùng Đà Nẵng tình người đến từ Hadameco

Adventure with Danang love from Hadameco


Tiết mục Gửi em ở cuối Sông Hồng nhận được những tràng pháo tay tán thưởng nhiệt tình của khán giả

The performance at the end of the Red River received enthusiastic applause from the audience


Nghệ sỹ tham gia giao lưu

Artists participate in exchanges


Thí sinh tham gia Hội thi thao thướt với nón quay thao

Candidates take part in the contest with a hat

Tiết mục niềm vui công trườngHội thi thu hút đông đảo cán bộ, nhân viên người lao động các đơn vị thành viên

The contest attracts a large number of employees and employees of the member units
Các đơn vị tổ chức nhận hoa từ lãnh đạo Công tyOrganizations receive flowers from the company leaders

Source Anh Minh

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