The Bac Giang-Lang Son Expressway will link economic development in the north

The Bac Giang-Lang Son Expressway will link economic development in the north

According to National Assembly Member Nguyen Thanh Lam (Lang Son province), the Lang Son – Hanoi Expressway is an important route in the economic corridor of Hanoi – Hai Phong – Lang Son, between Vietnam and China.

cao toc bac giang - lang son

Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway will have a length of 64km to finish at the end of 2019. Photo: Phan Chinh

According to delegate Nguyen Thanh Lam, this highway is not only meaningful for socio-economic development in the northern provinces, especially voters, the people of Lang Son and Cao Bang very much expected.

The Bac Giang section of Lang Son city, 64 km long, is being invested in four lanes in the form of BOT and expected to be completed in 2020. The section of Lang Son city – Huu Nghi border gate is 43 km long, with 4 lanes. , using ODA, expected to be completed in 2020.

As reported by the Ministry of Transport, it seems that the Bac Giang Expressway – Huu Nghi border gate is being implemented and completed on time, but in fact there are inaccuracies and some real problems. need to solve.

Accordingly, the road section of 64 km from km108 + 500 in Bac Giang is being invested in new construction, which points to 45 +100 km at Mai Sao commune, Chi Lang district, and 30km from Lang Son city. That is the economic nature and efficiency of investment will be very different from that connected to the point of Lang Son city.

In addition, 43 km of ODA from Huu Nghi border gate to Lang Son city is 13 km, and Lang Son city to Chi Lang district is 30 km away.

The Bac Giang – Chi Lang section is investing in a BOT form with a total budget of VND12,188 billion, which is expected to be completed in 2019, which is expected to be one year ahead of schedule. number of regulations.

Firstly, according to the Decision No 1249 by 2015 of the Ministry of Transport, the investor has invested and renovated National Highway 1A across the route of Bac Giang – Lang Son city with a total length of 105 km and the cost of 1.378 billion , charges are allowed at 2 stations on the highway. This is part of the Bac Giang – Lang Son highway project.

On 21/10/2017, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly issued Resolution No. 437 stating “For road investment projects in the form of BOT contracts only apply to new routes to ensure the right to choose. Choose for people not to invest in upgrading existing monorail routes. ” This is the right direction to do, however, this affects the interests of investors, especially investors have been doing.

Meanwhile, the section of Chi Lang expressway is 43 km long, according to the ODA plan assigned by the Government to the Vietnam Expressway Corporation in accordance with Decision 726 with the total cost of 8743 billion VND. Nowadays, there are many problems in financial capacity of investors so they are not allowed to borrow.

Moreover, the process of implementing ODA loan is complicated and prolonged, so the project has not been defined yet.

The slow implementation of this section resulted in a reduction in the investment efficiency of the whole Hanoi – Bac Giang – Lang Son city as well as Huu Nghi border gate due to the incomplete exploitation as well as the interests of investors. .

The project has total investment of VND12.188 billion. Of which, the cost of construction and equipment is over VND 6,980 billion; site clearance compensation (resettlement), resettlement assistance more than 1.066 billion; project management + consultancy + other is more than 698 billion; more than 2.3 trillion dong; Bank loan interest during construction (temporary calculation) more than 1.143 billion.

It is expected to complete the component of QL before 31/12/2017, the high speed component will be completed before 31/12/2019. In particular, the site clearance will be completed before the end of 2017.

According to Phan Chinh